The archaeology of a new genre: ‘Platform of values’ texts of public authorities in Sweden

This research project on platform of values, carried out from 2016 to 2019, has analyzed the design, use and understanding of platforms of values within Swedish public administration, where the genre has rapidly gained popularity.

By collecting and analyzing a large number of platform of values texts we have been able to show how vagueness and expressions of a positive attitude are compulsory features of the texts along with legitimations claiming that the texts are useful tools for goal fulfilment.

Further data  – a focus group discussion and a questionnaire performed at three larger public authorities – contribute to connecting the textual features to the perception of the texts as tools for goal fulfilment: the texts appear to have a key function in presenting positive identities for the employees and keeping the discussion of the aims and ideals of the authority alive . In that way, the texts operationalize a type of governance that particularly aims at the identities of civil servants along with certain ways of carrying out duties that are loyal to the values of the authority at hand.

The research project has continuously addressed the critical question of how that type of loyalty and collective action is compatible with the transparency and versatility of core tasks at public authorities.

FundingRiksbankens jubileumsfond


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Researchers:Catharina Nyström Höög och Anders Björkvall.

Catharina Nyström Höög (project manager), Dala University.

Anders Björkvall, Scholl of Humanities, Education and Social sciences, Örebro University.

Student papers:

Linnea Wenell, master 2018: Vad betyder vi är lyhörda i värdegrunder? En kartläggning och systemisk-funktionell analys av vi är-konstruktionen i myndighetstexter.

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