Scandinavian languages since 1859

1500 students per year get their education in Swedish and in the other Scandinavian languages at our department.

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A department since 1859

In 1859, a professorship in Scandinavian languages was established at Uppsala University. Today, we are a large department with around a hundred employed teachers, researchers and administrators. Every semester, more than a thousand students study with us. Here, one can study Scandinavian languages from several different aspects. The Swedish language is at the centre of the department’s teaching and research, but we also offer courses in Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic, which is unique to the department. The department’s activities also include the Language Workshop and National Tests in Swedish and Swedish as a second language.

We have professorships with four different specialisations: name research, modern Swedish, sociolinguistics and the history of Scandinavian languages. Research is conducted in a large number of sub-disciplines, such as student language, dialectology, philology, grammar, name research, runology, sociolinguistics, stylistics and Swedish as second language.


At the Department of Scandinavian Languages, work in support of equal opportunities is conducted by a group, comprising both employees and students.

We want to integrate the equal opportunity thinking into the department’s everyday work and welcome opinions about how we can continuously conduct and improve this work. You can read more about equal opportunitythe department’s equal opportunity plan and case procedures.

For students

If you want to call our attention to deficiencies in equal opportunity at the department, please contact the department’s equal opportunity representative.