Reception hours

Study guidance

During the autumn of 2020, we will only accept booked visits (i.e. no drop-in), but also answer your questions by e-mail and telephone as usual.

For your booked visists we also offer study guidance via video calls (Skype or Zoom). You do not need to install Zoom to make a video call, just join the scheduled meeting by opening the link that we will send you when you book an appointment.

Study guidance reception hours

Staff: Amanda Bergqvist, Markella Callin och Malin Hänström


Book an appointment by sending an e-mail to ​ or call 018-471 12 76.

Phone hours (018-471 12 76)

måndag: 10–11
torsdag: 10–11

Questions regarding Basic Swedish, Swedish for Academics and Qualifying Courses in Swedish as a Foreign Language will be answered by Malin Hänström

Phone number: 018-471 12 92
Mondays: 11:00–12:00
Thursdays: 13:00–14:00

Office reception hours

Staff: Rigmor Moberg, Markella Callin

Room: 16-2016

Please note that we currently have limited reception hours due to covid-19.

Please note that for the time being, we only accept visits by booked appointments due to the corona pandemic. Contact to book an appintment.

Opening hours

Only booked appointments.

Phone hours (018-471 12 71)

monday: 10.00–11.00
wednesday: 10.00–11.00
thursday: 10.00–11.00
friday: 10.00–11.00